VF 2
mesure des hautes-fréquence

Variable frequency filter VF2:

  • Variable trap filter (with a suppression of 20 dB = a factor of 100) for a simplified
    differentiation of the HF radiation source between 700 MHz and 3000
  • To be connected between the antenna cable and the antenna input socket
    of the measuring device (by the operator). No battery needed.
  • Cascadable with all auxiliary components presented herein.
Ideal for the “what-if-analysis”:
The variable filter allows a suppression of individual frequencies and their harmonic waves, thus enabling you to
identify the exposure remaining when eliminating certain radiation sources or suppressing them by means of shielding
measures. In combination with the audio analysis, this will allow a quick overview of the various sources of radiation,
for instance in large cities with a pretty indistinct mess of frequencies.
Scope of supply: Variable frequency filter VF2, tightening aid, detailed operating instructions


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