ME 3030B

mesure référentiel

Digital Electrostress Analyser ME3030B:
allows an uncomplicated evaluation of the exposure, a determination of suitable remedial
actions, as well as a control of their effectiveness.
The measured values are reliably displayed directly in the entity corresponding to the building
biology standard values, namely
- the electric field strength from 1 to 1999 V/m (against ground potential)
- the magnetic flux density from 1 to 1999 nT.
Frequency range: 16 Hertz to 2 Kilohertz.
An acoustic signal proportional to the field strength with “Geiger-counter-effect” helps
identifying regions with increased exposure.
Simple operation with the help of a detailed instruction and measurement manual.
Scope of supply: Measurement device, grounding cable, Alkaline Mangan battery, detailed
instruction manual with factual background information


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