HF 35C
mesure des hautes-fréquence

This device supports all above mentioned common advantages.
It allows a straight forward assessment of the exposure, a determination of suitable
remedial actions, as well as a control of their effectiveness.
It comprises all features of the HF32D and additionally offers:
+ Identification of pulsed radiation sources (mobile radio (GSM, UMTS/G3), cordless
telephones (DECT), WLAN (Bluetooth), air-traffic control-radar) by means of
an acoustic signal proportional to the modulation frequency
+ Display of peak value as well as average value (switchable)
+ Sensitivity increased by a factor of 10 (from a minimum display resolution of
0.1µW/m² to a maximum of 1999 µW/m²).
Optional accessories:
Variable frequency filter, direction-finding antenna, attenuator, plastic case
Also available as kit called HFE35C, incl. additional isotropic antenna from
27 MHz upwards, delivered in a plastic case.
(please see description on the page after next)
Scope of
Measurement device, attachable log.-per. antenna incl. antenna cable, Alkaline Mangan battery,
detailed instruction manual with factual background information

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